I graduated from OsloMet in June 2020, studying "Praktisk-pedagogisk Utdannelse i Drama- og Teaterkommunikasjon", which can be translated: Practical-pedagogical education studies in Drama and theatre communication.  This course has certified me as a theatre coach / instructor, and also qualifies me as an eligible teacher up to Norwegian college grade, depending on what subject I'm teaching. 

During this year at OsloMet I learned how much I enjoy teaching.  Practical-Pedagogical Education Studies In Drama And Theatre gave me both experience and knowledge I wouldn't be without today, as the study makes my acting career a lot more diverse and in a sense fulfilled. 

I am currently a theatre instructor at Kongsvinger Kulturskole teaching 3 groups.  My job includes directing, instructing, guiding and structuring.  I am also in charge of costumes, lightning, scenography and audio. 

My vision as a teacher is to guide each student's personal style and less on instructing, depending on the age of the pupil/student.  I consider myself to be a warm, but direct teacher.


I would love to undertake groups of teachers in elementary school up to high school for using drama as a tool in their teaching.

My seminars will include basic voice and movement courses, as well as techniques and conventions of how to plan and include drama as a way of learning.

If this sounds interesting, please don't hesitate to get in touch.  I would love to guide and share my wisdom with you!