Rodbetens Farge (The Color Of The Beet) was my Bachelor performance at Westerdals Oslo ACT. It was performed in 2018, with my talented actress and musician Kamilla Waal Larsen.  We improvised the play using Viewpoints (Anne Bogart) and music as our tools.  Rodbetens Farge is based on a story I wrote about two girls, Oline and Marte.

Oline has a hard time coping with her best friend Marte whom is dying from an accident a year ago. We follow Oline's process through her grief.  During the play, Oline keeps bringing Marte back by living in the memories they have had together.
When Oline eventually gets a new friend, Lena, she feels guilty and shameful.  One day at school, Lena suggests they go to Berlin on vacation.  This vacation is an adventure Oline wanted to share with Marte before she passed.  Terrified her new friendship will erase and replace Marte's place, she feels like she is being pulled in two directions.  

The performance brings up the difficulties that young adults may experience in the loss of a best friend, and how memories, that were a blessing, can turn into a curse.