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My artistry, my universe

Hello babes, and welcome to my "read my thoughts"-log. Blog. Or whatever we should call it. The truth is, I love writing, I love thinking, and when I was 17, I used to have a blog. But I couldn't really be true to myself. I was embarrassed, and didn't really know how to show myself without regretting it afterwords. So what has happened from then and now? Well I'm fugging tired of not showing my true colors without grading them. Also, I'm paying for this website, so why not use it to its purpose. You wanna know who I am and what I stand for? Well, this is the place! I want you to take part in my journey from the beginning (even though I started a few years ago). It's never too late.

I'll be updating on my music, my style, my thoughts on art, artistry, how I work my way in this business. I'll write texts based on my thoughts, maybe I feel like writing a poetry, share something from song I wrote, maybe something about a play I saw that inspired me. It will be postings on my crappy days and my awesome days. I just hope I continue writing, because if there's one thing I struggle with, it's consistency. However, I'll give it a go.



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Today is a good day. Not because it necessary is good day, but because I decided it to be a good day. Although it wasn't that hard to make it a good day in the first place. anyways. I'm at a cafe, wor

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