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In Riga we trust

Hello dear babes,

I arrived in Riga yesterday, and time has flown by already. I'm here to get some singing lessons and refill my voice knowledge - also , my airbnb has a grand piano, so I've gotten some time in between to write. This is also a perfect occasion to write on different projects and to take a step back, let the inspiration flow and enjoy some time in a new city. There is something special to me about being abroad and work on stuff. I should write about that in a new posting...

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Today is a good day. Not because it necessary is good day, but because I decided it to be a good day. Although it wasn't that hard to make it a good day in the first place. anyways. I'm at a cafe, wor

Hello babes, and welcome to my "read my thoughts"-log. Blog. Or whatever we should call it. The truth is, I love writing, I love thinking, and when I was 17, I used to have a blog. But I couldn't real

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