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Today is a good day. Not because it necessary is good day, but because I decided it to be a good day. Although it wasn't that hard to make it a good day in the first place.


I'm at a cafe, working with a friend of mine. We've been here since 9am.

I'm releasing a new single in June, I hope. And there are a few preparations I need to make before it's coming out. It's going to be a song that I think suits for the summertime!

Other then that, things are going ok. I'm grateful to have people around me that are also working in the arts. Also, this weekend I'm running a half marathon in Gothenburg!! Wohoo!


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Hello babes, and welcome to my "read my thoughts"-log. Blog. Or whatever we should call it. The truth is, I love writing, I love thinking, and when I was 17, I used to have a blog. But I couldn't real

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